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Nuprol Airsoft Maintenance Kit is an essential purchase for any Airsoft player who wants to keep their gear performing at its best. This set includes everything an airsofter requires to maintain their GBB and AEG Guns in tip top condition. Keeping your Airsoft guns maintained means longer lasting guns for longer lasting games and play!

Take Good Care With The Nuprol Airsoft Maintenance Kit

As an airsoft weapon owner, you must really want to take good care of your gear to make sure that it functions correctly and lasts for many years into the future. Having an airsoft weapon that wears out prematurely or starts malfunctioning due to poor maintenance is totally avoidable. If you’ve got an airsoft weapon and want to look after it properly, this kit from Nuprol is a must have! Features:
  • Keep your GBB / AEG Airsoft weapons in top condition
  • Perfect for keeping with your Airsoft kit for cleaning at Skirmish
  • Everything you need to maintain your guns

The Nuprol Airsoft Maintenance Kit Includes:

  • Plastic Lubricant Oil (60ml)
  • Oil Remover (60ml)
  • Pump (for the oil remover)
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Stick-Easy (18g)
  • Silicone Grease (10g)
  • Gear Grease (10g)
  • Bearing Oil (10ml)
  • Cleaning cloth

The Nuprol Airsoft Maintenance Kit: How To Lubricate Your Airsoft Gun

If your gun is jamming or mis-feeding, you may need to lubricate it, specifically the gearbox or the hop up. To do this, remove the magazine and fire a few times in semi-auto mode to make sure that the hop up is free of BBs. Then, place the gun upside down on your lap, and using a bottle of silicone oil, spray it into the hop up a few times. However, you should use the oil sparingly, allowing it to sit for a few minutes so that it can seep into the hop up. The gearbox might also need to be lubricated at times, and to do this, you’ll first need to remove the motor. Once this task has been completed, you’ll be able to see a small hole at the bottom of the gearbox, and you can spray the silicone oil into it a few times. Again, be sure to give the oil time to work its way into the gearbox by leaving the gun upside down for a few minutes. Be sure to check out The Nuprol Airsoft Maintenance Kit and other Airsoft Supplies at Bunker 501!


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