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Your best choice for affordable and high-quality airsoft gear is Bunker 501, the leading online airsoft store in the Netherlands. We offer a wide variety of airsoft products to purchase, including airsoft plate carriers, holsters, pouches, helmets and masks. This is your one-stop-shop for all your airsoft needs!

Top quality Airsoft Gear

At Bunker 501 you will find airsoft products from the very best brands, such as Invader Gear, Claw Gear, Condor, Falcons and Nuprol. These brands guarantee quality and reliability. Our range of airsoft products is wide and includes tactical combat clothing, airsoft replica cases, holsters, leg holsters, plate carriers, tactical vests, helmets, pouches, knee pads, walkie talkies, ear protection, balaclavas, masks, shooting glasses and backpacks.

Required Airsoft Gear

The minimum airsoft gear you need is high-quality, comfortable shooting glasses that do not fog up and offer sufficient protection. An airsoft mask, although not required, is strongly recommended to protect your teeth and face. At Bunker 501 we have comfortable and well-fitting masks that do not irritate.

Airsoft clothing is another important purchase. Our comfortable tactical clothing, available in grey, black or camouflage, is based on realistic military clothing. This clothing is durable and easy to wash. Moreover, the right airsoft clothing helps you to stand out less on the playing field.

The use of a plate carrier or tactical vest is also strongly recommended. Allows you to attach pouches that keep your magazines within reach for quick replacement. At Bunker 501 we also have holsters for your side-arm airsoft pistol that you can attach to your vest via a molle system.

Using an airsoft helmet is also useful. You can mount various accessories on the tactical rails, such as a flashlight or a Go-Pro, and even hearing protection or headphones for your walkie-talkie.

Safe transport of your Airsoft Replica

For transport of your airsoft replica we offer special airsoft gun cases and bags. These are designed to transport your replica safely and responsibly. The use of a lockable airsoft case is highly recommended over a bag, to prevent damage to your replica.

Bunker 501 is all about you, the airsoft player. From high-quality gear to excellent customer service, we have everything you need to take your airsoft experience to the next level. Get ready for your next airsoft skirmish with the top quality equipment from Bunker 501!