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SWISS ARMS Reaper (5.5mm) With 4x40 Scope
Image of SWISS ARMS Reaper (5.5mm) With 4x40 Scope
Image of SWISS ARMS Reaper (5.5mm) With 4x40 Scope
Image of SWISS ARMS Reaper (5.5mm) With 4x40 Scope

SWISS ARMS Reaper (5.5mm) With 4x40 Scope

SWISS ARMS 4x40 Scope

€ 489,95

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High-quality pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) repeating air rifle! It features a combined design, both classic and futuristic, made of high-quality metal, nylon fiber, and wood. The barrel is rifled. The upper receiver is made of high-quality metal. At the top of the receiver, there is an approximately 15 cm long 11mm rail, allowing for the attachment of aiming aids. The handguard is ergonomically designed, made of nylon-reinforced ABS. On top, there is an approximately 41 cm long Picatinny rail (38 slots) for mounting tactical accessories. On the left and right sides of the handguard, there are approximately 4.5 cm long Picatinny rails (3 slots) each. In the lower front part of the handguard, there is an approximately 6 cm long Picatinny rail (5 slots) for mounting grips or bipods. The stock is made of wood and has an adjustable cheek rest. The air fill port is located at the front under the barrel. It is covered with a protective cap that can be easily removed or attached. The pressure gauge is located under the handguard near the stock. The tank can be filled up to a maximum of 3000 psi. A fully filled tank is good for approximately 30 shots. A major advantage of PCP technology is that this rifle has no recoil when firing, significantly simplifying handling and stability during shooting. The drum magazine holds 8 shots and is inserted directly into the receiver from the left side. Comes with a 4x40 scope

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nl_hoofdcategorie Geweren
Broodkruimels Airgun Geweren
Hoofdcategorie air rifle
Subcategorie PCP
length 920MM
Merk Hatsan
joule 19.5
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