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HATSAN Barrage Wood Semi-Auto 5,5mm
Image of HATSAN Barrage Wood Semi-Auto 5,5mm
Image of HATSAN Barrage Wood Semi-Auto 5,5mm
Image of HATSAN Barrage Wood Semi-Auto 5,5mm

HATSAN Barrage Wood Semi-Auto 5,5mm

HATSAN Semi-Auto 5,5mm

€ 995,-

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The HATSAN Barrage Wood Semi-Auto in 5.5mm (.22 caliber) is a premium pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air rifle known for its semi-automatic action, high power, and elegant design. Here are the key features, performance details, and applications of this model:

Key Features:

  1. Caliber: 5.5mm (.22 caliber), offering a good balance between power and accuracy, ideal for both hunting and target shooting.
  2. Action: Semi-automatic, allowing for quick follow-up shots without manual cocking between each shot.
  3. Power Source: Pre-charged pneumatic (PCP), ensuring consistent power and precision.
  4. Stock: Made from high-quality Turkish walnut, providing an elegant and durable finish.
  5. Barrel: Precision rifled steel barrel, fully shrouded to reduce noise.
  6. Magazine: Comes with a high-capacity rotary magazine, usually holding 12 shots in .22 caliber.
  7. Trigger: Advanced trigger system with adjustable pull weight and travel for a personalized shooting experience.
  8. Safety: Manual safety lever for secure handling.
  9. Air Cylinder: Large detachable air cylinder with an integrated pressure gauge, allowing for easy pressure monitoring.
  10. Optics: Equipped with a Picatinny rail for mounting scopes and other accessories.
  11. Accessories: Typically includes a sling, bipod, extra magazine, fill probe, and degassing tool.

Performance and Use:

  • Semi-Automatic Action: The semi-auto mechanism allows for rapid firing without the need to manually cock the rifle between shots, enhancing the shooting experience and efficiency, especially in dynamic situations.
  • Accuracy: Known for its high precision, making it suitable for long-range shooting.
  • Power: Delivers substantial muzzle energy, capable of taking down medium game effectively.
  • Noise Reduction: The shrouded barrel helps in reducing the report, making it quieter compared to many other air rifles.


  • Hunting: Ideal for medium game such as rabbits, squirrels, and other similar-sized animals, thanks to its power and rapid firing capability.
  • Target Shooting: Suitable for precision shooting and plinking, offering consistent performance and quick follow-up shots.


  • Semi-automatic action for rapid firing
  • High power and accuracy
  • Elegant and durable walnut stock
  • Large magazine capacity
  • Integrated noise reduction


  • Requires a high-pressure air source for refilling the air cylinder
  • Heavier than some other air rifles due to its robust build and semi-automatic mechanism
  • May consume air faster due to semi-auto action, requiring more frequent refills


The HATSAN Barrage Wood Semi-Auto 5.5mm PCP air rifle is an excellent choice for shooters who seek a combination of power, elegance, and rapid firing capability. Its semi-automatic action, high accuracy, and robust build make it suitable for both serious hunting and target shooting

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nl_hoofdcategorie Geweren
Broodkruimels Airgun Geweren
Hoofdcategorie air rifle
Subcategorie PCP
Merk Hatsan
joule 4.5: 27 Joule/ 5.5: 42 Joule
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